Our story - Al Basha

Hala Zakri, the founder of Al Basha GmbH, is a modern, Syrian businesswoman with a PhD in Business Administration in Syria, who works in various business areas. In 2010 she founded the Falcon Company. The Falcon Company organizes medical stays for patients from Arab, Russian and Azerbaijani countries (www.falcon-service.com) in Germany.

She then founded the company Taswic GmbH, which is active in the international export of food.

At the time of the refugee crisis in Germany, Hala Zakri got to know a lot of qualified bakers and confectioners. This gave them the idea of creating jobs, manufacturing the traditional Syrian baklava in Germany, which has been known for decades, and introducing them to the German market. Hala Zakri provided jobs for many Syrian refugees. For qualified bakers who left their homeland from Syria, it was a great opportunity to continue their work in Germany and to start a fresh start.

Shortly afterwards, in 2016, Al Basha GmbH was founded. A modern, medium-sized large-scale bakery based in Bünde and Bonn in Westphalia. The aim was to produce traditional, oriental pastry specialties in Germany and make them known.

Today Al Basha stands for first-class Syrian sweets 'Made in Germany'. The range includes baklava, nawashef and many other specialties. A consistently high quality of ingredients, production, packaging and delivery is guaranteed. The products are free from additives and flavor enhancers and are handmade with the best ingredients. So that you can be sure that Al Basha's desserts meet the highest standards.